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Rise and Run: A Fun Run with Ari Kaplan
Networking - Harborwalk – accessible directly across from the hotel

Join legal marketing author and speaker, Ari Kaplan of Ari Kaplan Advisors, for a fun networking run on the Harborwalk. Ari will provide a detailed history of (i.e., enthusiastically point out) the New England Aquarium, Christopher Columbus Park, the North End, Paul Revere’s House, and the Coast Guard Station among other sights along the waterfront (depending on how far the group decides to go). Get to know your peers, enjoy the beauty of Boston, and start your morning off with a scenic jog. Pace and distance to be determined. Ari is happy to treat for Starbucks on the way back to the hotel.

For each person who attends, Ari Kaplan Advisors will donate $10 to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, in memory of Ari’s friend, Alex Hanan, who lost his 4 1/2-year battle with lung cancer in July.

Rise and Flow Yoga with Jaime
Networking - Lexington Room – 3rd Floor

Join Jaime Russell for a pre-conference yoga flow that will set the perfect foundation to start your day! This vinyasa based flow is open to all skill levels and is a great way to get to know your fellow LMA peers.

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Attendee Networking with Exhibitors
Networking - Rose Kennedy Foyer / Exhibit Areas - 3rd Floor
Welcome Remarks

April Colby, Conference Co-chair, Ballard Spahr
Claire ThompsonConference Co-chair, Choate, Hall & Stewart

General Conference - Rose Kennedy Ballroom - 3rd Floor
Keynote Address: Why Things Catch On

Jonah Berger, Professor, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

General Conference - Rose Kennedy Ballroom - 3rd Floor

Why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? This talk reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become popular. If you’ve ever wondered why certain stories get shared, brands get more word of mouth, or videos go viral, this talk will explain why, and show how to leverage these ideas to craft contagious content.

Breakout Session 1 – Case Study: Legal Product Development & Marketing

Helena M. Lawrence, Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Business Development - Wheeler - 2nd Floor

Product marketing is wildly successful at companies with widgets to sell. As law firms turn to innovation to enhance client value they too find themselves selling products along with their services. Productization keeps high value client work, lower value legal work, at your firm, while providing a scalable commoditized services at a valued price point while increasing the likelihood that your firm will be called when strategic advice is needed. By looking beyond legal we find a playbook for product development and marketing.

The presentation will discuss legal productization potential, development and marketing. The talk will include topics such as opportunity spotting, strategy, tool development, positioning and messaging, communications strategy, the buyer’s sales funnel and content marketing. The session will highlight examples of law firms developing products to raise the profile of a strategic practice while generating revenue for the firm.

This session will cover:

  • Legal products
  • Product development and marketing
Breakout Session 1 – Ivy League, well-connected, dazzling lateral partner candidate? We need to talk…

Michael Ellenhorn, Co-Founder and General Counsel, Decipher
Niki Kopsidas, Director of Lateral Partner Recruitment and Integration, Hogan Lovells
Jonathan Kurens, Senior Vice President, Marsh USA
Karen Kaputz, Senior Director, Goulston & Storrs

Law Firm Operations - Rose Kennedy Salon 2 - 3rd Floor

28% of Managing Partners say that lateral hiring is “highly effective” and 50% of all lateral hires fail within five years. That failure costs our largest law firms over $9 Billion PER YEAR. Lateral hire risk is real and daunting. The legal profession simply lacks the processes and mechanisms to adequately assess the legal, business and financial risk associated with lateral hiring… until now. Our highly experienced panel will examine the specific risks associated with lateral hiring and discuss effective and immediate solutions to this pervasive problem.

Breakout Session 1 – Using Digital Marketing to Magnify Your Message

Iris Jones, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, McNees Wallace & Nurick
Toshiko (Toshi) Macaluso, Media/Communications Coordinator, McNees Wallace & Nurick

Technology - Hutchinson - 2nd Floor

Social media is no longer just for repurposing information on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – it’s about reaching your clients in non-traditional ways to remain ever present in a highly competitive market. This session will focus on strategic message delivery, diving into topics covering the future of press releases, blogs and client alerts, the importance of video, and best practices for staying digitally relevant with your clients.

Breakout Session 1 – Winning Thought Leadership Microsites: From Idea to Implementation

Stephan Roussan, President, ICVM Group Inc.
Stacy Rowe, Director of Client Success, Manzama
Harry Marks, Manager Marketing Technology, Shearman & Sterling

Communications - Rose Kennedy Salon 1 - 3rd Floor

Your firm’s website contains only a handful of pages of interest to any single visitor, among hundreds or thousands of no interest at all. Learn how microsites can be used to showcase your firm’s commitment to specific subject matter areas and drive engagement with some of your most high-value audiences.

Morning Break
Networking - Rose Kennedy Foyer / Exhibit Areas - 3rd Floor
Breakout Session 2 – Sustainable Practice Plans

Deborah Brightman Farone, Strategic Advisor, Farone Advisors LLC

Business Development - Wheeler - 2nd Floor

Why do some practices thrive, attracting a steady stream of business and producing good realization? Learn the essential steps marketers can take to lead partners toward strong practice development planning. Uncover the seven deadly sins of plan creation and the three things you must know to build partnership buy-in and ensure success.

Breakout Session 2 – Ethics? Lawyers in the On-line World: Bios, Social Media and On-line Reviews

Jennifer Schaller, Managing Director, National Law Review
Elissa TortoAssistant Bar Counsel, Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers

Law Firm Operations - Rose Kennedy Salon 1 - 3rd Floor

Websites, social media, blogs and review sites can be a boon or bust for law firms. Under the ABA and State Model rules what’s considered “communication” and how do ethics rules impact what firms can say online? Using colorful relevant case studies, we will discuss considerations related to:

  • attorney and law firm biographies
  • client confidentiality
  • past work experience/representative matters
  • expertise and awards
  • legal advice vs. legal information
  • what is considered solicitation
  • duty to supervise staff and maintain a basic understanding of relevant technology
Breakout Session 2 – How a Small Firm Website Captures Big Firm Clients

Igor Ilyinksy, Founder, Firmwise
Jennifer O’Leary Cathell, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Partridge Snow & Hahn
Christina Lamb, Director of Marketing, Fletcher Tilton

Technology - Rose Kennedy Salon 2 - 3rd Floor
How would budget-minded small firms upstage their local big firms competing for the same business? What do small and mid-sized firms have that big firm’s don’t? The answer is obvious: differentiation, but the implementation is not! Small firms need to convey Personalized Service, Flexibility, Speed and Agility. But how? In this session, we’ll show how borrowing technology from other industries has made some small firm websites more efficient, faster and more personalized than the big firms ever could. We will demonstrate what new technologies and agile marketing techniques allow small firms to achieve big results and net big clients in the process.
Breakout Session 2 – From Public Broadcasting to Financial Services: A Look at Creative Marketing Across Industries

Peter Panagopoulos, Director, Segment Marketing, Fidelity Investments
Amanda Goodwin, Head of Storytelling & Stewardship, Life is Good

Communications - Hutchinson - 2nd Floor

Join Peter Panagopoulos, a seasoned brand marketing executive, as he shares his experiences and observations on creative marketing. Following a fireside chat Peter will answer your questions.

Breakout Session 3 – To BD or not to BD: The Next Wave of Law Firm Business Development Professional

Joseph Calve, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, McGuireWoods LLP

Business Development - Wheeler - 2nd Floor

Firms want strategic business developers who can move the revenue needle. What they get are marketing generalists smothered under a haystack of scutwork so deep they can’t find the needle, let alone move it. This program will explore the BD dilemma and the reasons for optimism in legal BD.

Breakout Session 3 – The Why, How and Who of Innovation: Where Innovation and Inclusion Intersect

Debra Baker, Esq., Managing Director, GrowthPlay
Morgan King, Head of Records & Information Management, Shire

Law Firm Operations - Rose Kennedy Salon 2 - 3rd Floor

Despite overwhelming evidence that innovation is a required capability for growth effectiveness, law firms continue to struggle in adapting and evolving their practices to respond to client needs and demands. The primary barrier to success has nothing to do with technology or process. Rather, it is about how to engage lawyers to change behavior. A new study on law innovation by GrowthPlay uncovers the essential innovation competencies to help law firms improve the success rate of change. Among the unanticipated findings is that essential innovation strengths – particularly those attributed to empathy, collaboration and relationship building – are often more predictive in or associated to individuals who exhibit inherent or acquired diversity.

During this presentation, participants will learn:

  • The data that links innovation and inclusion
  • A case study for how talent analytics are being applied to law firms and in-house legal departments
  • Insights into how to build more effective teams
  • Tactics for making your law firm more inclusive
Breakout Session 3 – What’s NECXT in Legal Marketing

Allison Lavelle, Senior Marketing Manager, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
Tim LinbergChief Experience Officer, Verndale
Stephanie Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager, WilmerHale

Technology - Hutchinson - 2nd Floor

Tim Linberg from customer experience agency Verndale, Allison Lavelle from Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, and Stephanie Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager at WilmerHale will explore how customer experience technologies will shape the way that organizations and their customers connect. Building on key insights from the NECXT report (, this interactive session will cover trends and predictions in voice, artificial intelligence, and customer data management. It will identify the actionable first steps that will help law firms remain competitive in an increasingly complex, technical landscape.

Breakout Session 3 – Breaking News: Leading Conversations in a Nonstop News Cycle

Michael Gordon, Principal, Group Gordon
Daniel Gross, Executive Editor, strategy+business

Communications - Rose Kennedy Salon 1 - 3rd Floor

In today’s breaking news era, firms must move fast to join national conversations. This session covers strategies legal marketers and communicators can deploy to effectively connect to the news cycle in ways that elevate their firms’ brands and showcase partners’ expertise. Participants will also get hands-on training to handle any media opportunity.

Lunch & Regional Awards
Networking - Rose Kennedy Ballroom - 3rd Floor

Awards ceremony begins at 12:30pm.

Pre-Conference Registration and Boxed Lunch
Networking - Abigail Adams Foyer
Social Storytelling in a Right Swipe World

Brandi BoatnerSocial and Influencer Communications Lead, Global Markets, IBM CHQ Communications

General Conference - Rose Kennedy Ballroom - 3rd Floor

In the age of speeds and feeds, digital messages are consumed in mere seconds. In order for brands to rise above the noise of social and digital networks, practicing great social storytelling is key. Stories enable us to build personality and create a connection with consumers. In this session, you will learn how to use social media as a conversation channel and not a distribution channel allowing you to narrate your story, taking you and your organization to the next level.

Session 1 – Beyond Branding: Integrating Social Engagement for Lead Generation and Business Development

Jennifer Simpson Carr, Senior Business Development Manager, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
Ryan King, Director of Communications, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

Future Leaders - Abigail Adams Salon B - 2nd Floor

Relationships are at the core of business development. Now, law firms of all sizes interact with clients/prospects on social media – using it as a tool for business retention and acquisition. In this session, seasoned legal marketers will discuss how social media supports the acceleration of the relationship-building process, leading to enhanced client relationships.

Breakout Session 4 – Sales Pipeline Management: BD Lessons from the Accounting Sector

David Ackert, President, Ackert
D. Scott MooreExecutive Vice President, The Rainmaker Companies

Business Development - Hutchinson - 2nd Floor

In this session you will hear from two leading consultants, one in the legal sector (David Ackert) and one in the accounting sector (D. Scott Moore). Both speakers have worked with hundreds of firms in their respective industries, providing business development strategy, training, and technology resources to their respective clients. Through a lively interaction, the two speakers will share the best practices that have worked in each sector and demonstrate the business development takeaways that law firms and accounting firms can learn from one another. Discover:

  • How law firms and accounting firms compare when it comes to sales pipeline management
  • Where accounting firms excel in BD and what lawyers can learn from CPAs
  • How the combination of coaching and technology is transforming traditional thinking around sales
Session 1 – Amplifying Your i-Q (Innovation Quotient)

Michael Brenner, President, Right Chord Leadership

Business Development - Abigail Adams Salon A - 2nd Floor

Law firms are facing increasingly difficult challenges in today’s business climate, and the need to rethink conventional work practices is growing. In this thoughtful and engaging session, you’ll learn how to ‘amp up’ your ability to service external clients, connect with prospects, and create competitive advantages that put you on top!

Breakout Session 4 – Pro Bono: A Hidden Tool to Market, Recruit and Build Your Firm’s Brand

Felicity Conrad, CEO, Paladin
Rebecca Cazabon, Pro Bono Managing Attorney, Foley Hoag LLP

Law Firm Operations - Wheeler - 2nd Floor

This session highlights the untapped power of pro bono to boost your firm’s profile. We’ll cover how it can bolster business development, skills development, marketing, recruitment (especially of millennials), diversity, and more generally contribute to important aspects of your firm’s public image and brand. We’ll discuss how you can leverage pro bono to achieve these goals, and brainstorm specific strategies to employ in your firm.

Session 1 – How to Develop and Deliver Content That Drives Clients Wild

Katie Desmond, Partner, Chief Business Development Officer, Imarc
Robert Mohns, Lead Strategist, Imarc
Janice Hayes, Firm Administrator, Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C.

Communications - Abigail Adams Salon C - 2nd Floor

In an industry where you must set yourself apart, it’s imperative that you create captivating content, while positioning your firm as a thought leader. With examples inside and outside of legal, you’ll leave this session knowing the key elements of an impactful content marketing strategy and how to get started.

Breakout Session 4 – Turn Your CRM into an Insights Engine

Adam Draper, Vice President of Sales – North America, Introhive
Jennifer Klyse, Principal, Klyse Advisory Group
Margaret Nicholls, Director of Business Development, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
Jennifer Schreck, Director of Client Intelligence, Reed Smith

Technology - Rose Kennedy Salon 1 - 3rd Floor

Many law firms face a similar dilemma: they make a significant investment in CRM but can’t tell if their attorneys use it or truly see value from the investment.

Join industry leaders as they unpack the barriers they have personally faced with CRM implementation and usage, and learn how each of them used practical tools and insights to overcome those barriers and unleash the potential of CRM.

Topics to be Covered:

  • Practical ways to maximize a firm’s investment into CRM
  • Using technology to mitigate typical barriers law firms face
  • Discovering the impact of relationship intelligence for legal business development and marketing groups
Session 2 – Messaging is a Verb: Find the Villain, Be the Hero and Tell Your Business Story

Greg Stone, President, Stone Communications

Future Leaders - Abigail Adams Salon A - 2nd Floor

Author Greg Stone will tell you not just how to tell a compelling story, but what elements to include. The “villains” are the problems that cause pain for clients, who are in effect the “victims.” The “heroes” are your services.

Breakout Session 4 – What Your Business Partners Have Learned About Professional Services Marketing & BD By Selling To You

Sanjiv (“Sanju”) Kripalani, Partner, Wicker Park Group
Adrian Lurssen, VP and Co-Founder, JD Supra
Samantha McKenna, VP Sales – LinkedIn
Jenna Schiappacasse, Director of Client Development, Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP

Communications - Rose Kennedy Salon 2 - 3rd Floor

JD Supra’s Adrian Lurssen, Wicker Park Group’s Sanjiv (“Sanju”) Kripalani, and LinkedIn’s Samantha McKenna to learn what they have learned about all aspects of professional services marketing and business development while selling to you. Takeaways for you to use within the firm, covering data, client cultivation, business development best practices, content marketing, ROI, technology, and much more. The panel will be moderated by Jenna Schiappacasse, Director of Client Development at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP.

Session 2 – Proposals, Pitchbooks & Presentations: Bringing Order to Chaos and Avoiding Mistakes

Tim Dubes, CMO, Pitchly
Maureen Flanagan, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Day Pitney LLP

Business Development - Abigail Adams Salon B - 2nd Floor

This workshop will discuss how Marketers can gain control of the RFP process as well as how to create and manage content for proposals and presentations. We will cover a case study of how a regional firm dealt with the changing dynamics of the RFP process, as well as provide best practice examples for developing proposals and pitch decks.

Breakout Session 5 – Your Client Said What?! How to Conduct a World-class Client Feedback Interview

Jennifer Dezso, Principal, The BTI Consulting Group
Joyce Miccile, Manager, Client Feedback, The BTI Consulting Group

Business Development - Hutchinson - 2nd Floor

Well-designed client feedback generates higher rates, happier clients, and increased fees. This interactive workshop lays the foundation for your firm to conduct effective interviews with your clients. Learn – and practice – what drives a superior interview, major pitfalls to avoid, and what to do with positive (and negative) feedback.

Session 2 – Podcast Savvy

Susan Peters, President, Greybridge PR
Michael Meyer, Owner, Picture More Business
Robert Ambrogi, Esq, Lawyer and Journalist
Angela Robinson, Marketing Communications Manager, Finnegan


Communications - Abigail Adams Salon C - 2nd Floor

Law firm podcasting is the hottest thing since the blog! Everyone is doing it – are they doing it well? Getting business? Learn how to boost/grow target audience, make content useful and get more listeners.

Breakout Session 5 – How Litigation Finance Can Power Your Business Development

Boaz Weinstein, Principal, Lake Whillans Litigation Finance
Chris Hagale, Managing Director, Lake Whillans Litigation Finance
Andrew Langhoff, Founder and Managing Director, Red Bridges Advisors LLC

Law Firm Operations - Rose Kennedy Salon 2 - 3rd Floor

Litigation finance is one of the most significant trends in the legal ecosystem today. While law firm COOs, CFOs, and CPOs are educating themselves, it’s essential for legal marketers to understand how litigation finance can provide a competitive edge in business development.

Afternoon Break
Networking - Abigail Adams Foyer
Session 3 – Design Thinking Strategy: How Lawyers With Empathy Can Strengthen and Expand Client Relationships

Mark E. Young, Counsel, Vox Actio LLC
Alexander C. Gavis, SVP and Deputy General Counsel, FMR LLC

Future Leaders - Abigail Adams Salon C - 2nd Floor

Design thinking strategy is successfully developed and deployed in other industry sectors. With an understanding of what it is and how it can be utilized in the delivery of legal services, lawyers have an extraordinary opportunity to approach creative problem solving as better listeners, and build stronger, more collaborative working relationships with clients.

Breakout Session 5 – Google Adwords or Retargeting: Should your firm try one of these?

Patricia Nagy, Director, Proxy PR
Peter Darling, Founder, Repechage Group

Technology - Wheeler - 2nd Floor

The age of the internet is the age of digital self-service. Traditionally, Google Adwords have been leveraged to guarantee search ranking, but now there are retargeting tools slowly coming to law firms to create digital advantage. We will discuss the pros and cons of both strategies as well as specific tools.

We will cover:

  • Compare strategies and platforms for Adwords and retargeting
  • How to determine ROI in Adwords and retargeting

Audience members will takeaway:

  • An understanding of the difference and value of Adwords vs. retargeting ads
  • An understanding of how to determine ROI of Adwords and retargeting
Session 3 – How to Spearhead Key Marketing Initiatives and Provide Proactive Marketing Support – Regardless of Your Firm’s Size and Bottom Line Budget

Shannon Duffy, Senior Business Development Manager, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Alexis Madden, Marketing & BD Manager, Conrad O’Brien

Business Development - Abigail Adams Salon B - 2nd Floor

Law firms – size, focus and market aside – share challenges and obstacles in connection with their specific business development and marketing initiatives. We will explore how legal marketers from two law firms of completely different sizes and marketing budgets can both proactively and effectively spearhead similar marketing initiatives.

Breakout Session 5 – The Key to Effective Internal and External Communication for Diversity & Inclusion

Jackie BellSenior Reporter, Law360
Arielle S. LaPiano, Director, Communications and Public Relations, Paul Hastings
Alys O’Neill, Partner, Instinctif Partners
Elizabeth Wall, Corporate Compliance Lead, Compliance Counsel, CLS Bank
Tiffany Yarde, CEO, Motovino

Communications - Rose Kennedy Salon 1 - 3rd Floor

Law firms are under the microscope, for what is on the whole, a dismal track record on diversity & inclusion. Clients and reporters are watching closely, and speaking out, when they don’t like what they see. The few brave law firms that are venturing out to promote what they do externally are sometimes criticized or ridiculed. Meanwhile, the scant number of firms that are working to communicate efforts internally are struggling to get internal engagement around diversity and inclusion. Are law firms in a Catch 22?

  • Hear from a range of experts from the communications, reporting, diversity & inclusion fields to help your firms create engaging communications strategies that will get reporters attention and clients respect.
  • Learn what reporters and clients are looking to hear from firms (and what they hear too much of)
  • Get insights from leading organizations that have mastered diversity & inclusion communications
  • Gain understanding on some of the diversity & inclusion work that is leading the industry
  • Gather real life examples of campaigns and templates for creating your own communications strategies
Session 3 – Rankings & Recognitions 101: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Kym Liebler, Manager, Directories & Recognitions, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Communications - Abigail Adams Salon A - 2nd Floor

Most legal marketing departments have that ONE person, the one who “knows things” like the biggest cases the firm is working on, where the lateral recruitment energy is going, and the real story with diversity efforts. Whomever is leading the directories & award submissions process stands a good chance of being that person. This is the upside of that role. It might not necessarily balance out the headaches of the accolades gig, but if you do your job right, you will quickly realize that you are that ONE person at your law firm who knows things — and is valued for it. This talk will cover the role of handling rankings and recognitions at a Big Law firm and why it’s a conduit to collecting critical information so that you become the person who can best tell the firm’s story.

Afternoon Break
Networking - Rose Kennedy Foyer / Exhibit Areas - 3rd Floor
Session 4 – Become a Professional Speaker

Adrian Dayton, Founder and CEO, Clearview Social

Future Leaders - Abigail Adams Salon A - 2nd Floor

During this session, Adrian Dayton will teach you how to:

  • Develop a strong hook to demand the attention of your audience.
  • Keep your audience on the edge of their seats.
  • Use eye contact in a way that will change the way you speak.
  • Remove all nerves before a talk.
Craft Brewer Panel: Differentiating in an Increasingly Competitive Market

Daniel Lanigan, CEO, Lord Hobo Brewing Company
Chris Webb, Co-Founder and CEO, Newburyport Brewing Company
Michael Oxton, Co-Founder, Night Shift Brewing
Sam Hendler, Co-Owner, Jack’s Abby Brewing
MODERATOR: Jennifer Irvine, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Bowditch & Dewey LLP.

General Conference - Rose Kennedy Ballroom - 3rd Floor

Join us for an exciting closing panel featuring some of New England’s best craft breweries. Representatives will share their perspective – and maybe some samples – on how they differentiate themselves and their brands in an increasingly saturated beer market.

Session 4 – Differentiating Your Attorneys

Michael Mellor, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Pryor Cashman LLP
Greg Fleischmann, CMO, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
Michelle Murray, Chief Marketing Officer, Cahill, Gordon & Reindel LLP

Business Development - Abigail Adams Salon C - 2nd Floor

Trying to be a “jack of all trades” is a terrible business strategy for lawyers, yet is one that still occurs frequently in law firms. Join this panel of “first-chair” marketing leaders as they discuss strategies and tactics to cut through the noise and help partners identify strengths and narrow their marketing focus.  The panel will also discuss how to integrate competitive intelligence resources, PR and social media campaigns to enhance business development plans

Closing Remarks
General Conference - Rose Kennedy Ballroom - 3rd Floor
Session 4 – How to Produce a Social Media Video Campaign Using Your Smart Phone

Christina Hammond, Director of Business Development, Producify
Joe Hammond, CEO and Co-founder, Producify

Communications - Abigail Adams Salon B - 2nd Floor

In this interactive session, the audience will learn how to use their smartphones to create impactful video content for their organizations.

Topics will include:

  • Practical step-by-step tips for filming video on your smartphone
  • Best social channels to reach your audience, including tips that can instantly be implemented on your YouTube channels
  • Top 8 questions to ask during a video interview
Cocktails & Attendee Networking with Exhibitors
Networking - Rose Kennedy Foyer / Exhibit Areas - 3rd Floor
First Timers Reception
Networking - Abigail Adams Foyer

First time attending the Northeast Regional Conference? Join us for a cocktail and get to know some other newbies! They might just become friends for life.

Conference Opening Reception
Networking - Abigail Adams Foyer and Ballroom - 2nd Floor