Greg Stone

Stone Communications

Greg Stone spent many years as a journalist so he brings those “street credentials” to every assignment.

He began his career as a writer at Time Inc. in New York, and later worked as a TV reporter in Minneapolis, Boston, and on PBS.  Greg estimates he has conducted at least 15,000 interviews.  His professional honors include three Emmy nominations.

Turning down an offer to anchor at CNN in New York, Greg founded Stone Communications in 1989. Since then he has conducted media and presentation skills workshops for high-level executives at Fidelity, IBM and 3M; deans at Harvard University; rocket scientists at the Smithsonian; senior managers at the LA Dodgers; thought leaders at the Worldwide Web Consortium; gubernatorial candidates in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania; the mayor of Boston; three spokespeople facing interviews on “60 Minutes” and several law firms. Assignments have brought him all across the US and to the UK, South Korea and Albania.

As a recognized expert, he has guest-lectured on media relations at Columbia Business School and at Harvard Business School and recently landed an assignment at HBS as the “official media trainer” for the professors.

Greg has also written and directed hundreds of productions, ranging from 30-second commercials to corporate videos to a feature film.

He published an acclaimed book on inspired management, Artful Business: 50 Lessons from Creative Geniuses, featuring a dazzling collection of masterpieces and stimulating ideas on facing pages. His new book, “Branding with Powerful Stories: The Villains, Victims, and Heroes Model” will be published by Praeger in 2018.

Ever curious about other cultures, Greg studied French, Italian and German as an undergraduate, earning an AB with honors from Harvard University, followed by two master’s degrees from Columbia University in journalism and business. He also holds a law degree from Rutgers, where he was a member of the Law Review.